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An Ahnentafel in an "Ancestor Table". It is a genealogy tool that simplifies the process of recording generations. The person that you are compiling the ahnentafel for becomes #1 on the chart. His father becomes #2, his mother #3, his father's father is #4, his father's mother #5, etc. These numbers duplicate the standard numbers used on most pedigree charts, and make it easy to figure generations mathematically. A person's father will always be his number times 2, and his mother is his number times 2, plus one. To figure someone's child on the ahnentafel you subtract 1 from a female, or nothing from a male, and divide by two.

Example: #22's father is #44. His mother is #45, his daughter is #11, her spouse is #10.

Except for #1, males will be even #s, females will be odd #s.

Ahnentafels are great for pedigree [ancestor] charts, but useless for showing collateral lines.

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